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    Biocare 5-HTP 50mg 60 Veg Caps

    Nutritional help and support for stress and low mood. Extracted from griffonia seed complex.

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    Biocare B Complex 60 Veg Caps

    B vitamins with Magnesium.

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    Biocare BioAcidophilus Forte 60 Veg Caps

    One of the most potent probiotics available containing 30 billion viable cells of the unique LAB4 complex of probiotic bacteria per capsule.

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    Biocare Cranberry Intensive 6x 10g Powder Sachets

    Improved higher potency powder formula adding 10 billion LAB4 viable organisms, UTI Rose (hibiscus extract) and potassium citrate.

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    Biocare Histazyme Plus 60 Veg Caps

    This product has been discontinued. Histazyme Plus provides nutrients that may be useful during seasonal changes when pollens and environmental factors place extra pressures on the body’s nutritional requirements.

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    Biocare Mycopryl 680 90 Veg Caps

    Mycopryl 250 provides a low strength caprylic acid, a short chain fatty acid found in human breast milk and coconuts, buffered with calcium and magnesium. Suitable for the elderly.

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    Lamberts Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg 180 tabs

    Studies show that this ancient herb helps maintain peripheral circulation to the extremities, and may help maintain memory in the short term.

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    Lamberts Siberian Ginseng 1500mg 30 tabs

    Siberian Ginseng has traditionally been used as a health tonic for stress, vitality and to improve mental resilience and has adaptogenic actions similar to Korean Ginseng

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    Lamberts Turmeric 10,000mg 60 tabs

    Turmeric has been found in studies to contain considerable anti-inflammatory activity.

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    Lamberts VeinTain (Circulation) 60 caps

    VeinTain contains high levels of circulation boosting Ginkgo as well as cinnamon and ginger.

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    Nutri Aller C Immune Support 60 caps

    Aller-C is a unique and potend immune defence formula.

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    Nutri UltraInflamX (Mango) 728g 14 servings

    Metabolic Food with Ginger, Rosemary & Turmeric. Nutri UltraInflamX is a low-allergy-potential, nutritionally fortified, vegetarian powdered beverage drink mix, designed for nutritional support of conditions of the lungs, joints, and intestinal tract.

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    Solgar 7 Vegetable Capsules

    Solgar brings you the next generation in joint health.

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    Solgar Acai Extract 60 Softgels

    This acai berry formula is a natural source of anthocyanins, flavonoids and polyphenolic antioxidant compounds.

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