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    Biocare AD Intensive 14 Powder Sachets

    AD Intensive is a unique powder combination to support energy levels. It contains a high potency of amino acids, botanicals, nutrients and antioxidants in a single, great tasting and convenient sachet.

    £27.70 inc VAT
    Biocare Glucosamine Hydrochloride 60 Tabs

    Biocare’s Glucosamine Hydrochloride provides 750mg of glucosamine as hydrochloride per tablet, along with vitamin C and magnesium. Added vitamin C ensures a contribution to the normal collagen formation for the normal function of bone and cartilage.

    £20.95 inc VAT
    Bionutri EcoBalance 30 day pack

    Bionutri Ecobalance is a simple to use, four in one Supplement Programme in an easy to use blister strip!

    £42.95 inc VAT
    Biotics A.D.P. 60 tabs

    Biotics Research A.D.P (Oregano) A patented formulation, proven effective. Utilizing miro-emulsification and delayed release technologies, A.D.P. delivers standardized oil of oregano throughout the digestive tract where it functions to positively impact intestinal organisms.


    £21.25 inc VAT
    Higher Nature Smart UK Liver Support 30 tabs

    Nutrition for healthy liver function

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    Nutri D3 Drops 1000 28ml

    D3 Drops 1000 is a liquid vitamin D formula that allows convenient, flexible dosing

    £9.98 inc VAT
    Nutri Eskimo High Strength 3:2 50 caps

    Eskimo High Strength 3:2 has been formulated to provide high levels of fatty acids EPA and DHA in an optimal ratio. EPA and DHA have been seen to contribute to cardiovascular health as well as supporting normal brain function and vision.

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    Nutri Ultra Probioplex ND (Non Dairy) Capsules 60 caps

    Establishing a healthy gut environment is key to good health.

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    Nutri UltraInflamX (Mango) 728g 14 servings

    Metabolic Food with Ginger, Rosemary & Turmeric. Nutri UltraInflamX is a low-allergy-potential, nutritionally fortified, vegetarian powdered beverage drink mix, designed for nutritional support of conditions of the lungs, joints, and intestinal tract.

    £51.00 inc VAT
    Solgar Ubiquinol 100mg 50 Softgels

    Coenzyme Q-10 plays a vital role in cellular health and energy production.

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